Our Guiding Principles

Individualized care. Each patient is unique in body, mind, and temperament, and each faces a distinct array of life circumstances. Our professional experience has demonstrated that, in the realm of sleep disorders, one size does not fit all. You are assured that every recommendation we make will be tailored to your particular needs.

 “No stone unturned.” A signature strength of Healthy Sleep Care is our exhaustive diagnostic work. Because of the complexity of sleep disorders, consideration of one, two or three possible causes is not adequate (though it is often presented as such).  Every aspect of medical history, current physiological functioning, and lifestyle must be reviewed in depth.  The result is a comprehensive picture of the forces at work in and on your body.

The therapeutic alliance.  Effective treatment emerges from a trusting collaboration between doctor and patient. This begins with relaxed and open communication and continues with close partnership in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

Commitment to the patient. Provided the patient plays his or her part in the agreed course of treatment, the physician will work tirelessly for the best possible result. He will continuously monitor your progress, fine-tune procedures and medications in response to changing circumstances, and serve as your advocate with providers of any specialized equipment you may be using.

Parham Gharagozlou, MD FACP

 Regard for significant others. Family members and close friends of patients are encouraged to contribute their ideas and discuss their concerns with us, if patient approval is given.

Highest professionalism. We adhere to the rigorous standards of practice set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and rapidly incorporate cutting-edge developments in the field through participation in the Academy’s educational programs.

Our Medical Director

Dr. Parham Gharagozlou (Ga-ra-GOZ-loo), a fellowship-trained and board certified sleep specialist, is the medical director of Healthy Sleep Care and a physician at North Bay Medical Center in Fairfield. He provides private consultation on sleep- and fatigue-related issues to corporations and individuals.

Our medical director was trained at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute by two world-renowned authorities on sleep disorders: Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty, founding president of the World Association of Sleep Medicine; and Dr. Arthur Walters, known internationally as a pioneer in the study of restless legs syndrome and related conditions.

Dr. Gharagozlou’s comprehensive training equipped him to evaluate and manage complex sleep disorders in adults and children. He has a particular interest in daytime fatigue and sleepiness, as well as insomnia.

He has published multiple peer-reviewed papers and has presented his work at national and international conferences. He has received several research awards and travel grants for his work.

Prior to his training in sleep medicine, Dr. Gharagozlou served as teaching attending physician at the eminent Rochester General Hospital in New York State. He served a residency in internal medicine at the State University of New York/Downstate Health Sciences Campus, in Brooklyn. Previously, he was a post-doctoral fellow in neuropharmacology at the Molecular Research Institute, Mountain View, Calif.

He lives with his wife, pediatrician Dr. Taraneh Mostaghasi, and teenage sons in Walnut Creek, Calif. They enjoy hiking and great outdoors of the Bay Area.