Heal Your Nights – Live Your Life!

At Healthy Sleep Care, we bring your entire 24-hour cycle into focus, adjusting your sleep so that your waking hours are alert and productive, whether at home, at work or at school.

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Why is sleep so vitally important?

The quantity and quality of your sleep are major factors in determining how you feel and how you function each day. Are you often irritable or gloomy? Make too many errors at work? Find it difficult to concentrate? Then take a look at your sleep patterns. Has your health been declining? Poor sleep could be a root cause of that, too. Over time, poor sleep can contribute to high blood pressure, heart attack, and abnormal heart rhythm. It’s also associated with weight gain and the worsening of diabetes and heart failure. People who sleep poorly are more prone to get into car accidents and domestic conflicts. . . . We guarantee that improving your sleep will have dramatic effects not only on your sense of being energized and present but on many of the specific physical and psychological complaints that have been holding you back at home, at school or at work.

Patient services

At Healthy Sleep Care you will first receive a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of your sleep. On the basis of our findings, we will make recommendations for appropriate test and treatments, to be provided either by Healthy Sleep Care or by other medical professionals to whom we will refer you. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of sleep apnea and other sleep breathing disorders; insomnia, excessive sleepiness; daytime fatigue; restless legs syndrome (RLS) and other sleep movement disorders; and sleep walking, night terrors and other “parasomnias.” We see patients as young as three and as senior as great-grandparents. Each person experiences the deep caring and respect we bring into our relationships with those who seek our help.

Sleep-Related Occupational Consulting

We have the expertise, technology, and complementary external alliances to analyze your workforce and schedules and recommend modifications that will lessen the toll of fatigue and burnout. Intervention may be called for at any or all of several levels: physical environment, systems, schedules and individual employee treatments. Our recommendations can be relied on to boost productivity and workplace morale as well as to curb losses caused by human error.